Four Key Kettlebell Exercises For Runners

The twisting motion in the kettlebell floor to shelf helps build the foundation to a better running form.

Kettlebell Floor To Shelf

Although it may appear that running only requires moving straight forward, there’s actually quite a bit of twisting that goes in the running gait. As such, rotation or twisting motions are crucial for runners. The floor to shelf helps to build strength in the upper body while focusing on the midsection. The movement also requires a unique type of strength, called eccentric strength, where the obliques must slow down the rotation at the top of the exercise to prevent over-rotation and injury. This eccentric strength helps to prevent excess movement during running leaving you with a more efficient running form.

Form Tips
Although the focus of the exercise is on the core and the upper body, the lower body has an important role to play. As you twist towards one side, focus on pivoting the feet and the hips to complete the motion. This helps to emphasize the rotation as well as prevent injury at the ankles and knees.

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