Four Key Kettlebell Exercises For Runners

The Turkish get-up looks awkward, but it's one of the best exercises you can do.

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up

Perhaps the most unusual exercise you’ll see in the gym, the Turkish get-up turns something as simple as getting up off the floor into one of the most difficult things you’ll do all day. Participants start lying down on the floor with the kettlebell and proceed to move to a standing position with the weight locked out overhead. Since the movement requires a complex series of twists, lunges, and sit-ups—all with a weight locked out overhead—it strengthens the entire body in one movement.

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Form Tips
Don’t let the overwhelming desire to be done with the set force you to move too fast through the different positions. Each part of a Turkish get-up emphasizes a different part of the body. Focus on moving slowly and pausing during the challenging parts of the exercise to gain balance and strength. Also, keep your arm locked out overhead the entire time to get the most benefit.

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