Long-Distance Racing Tips From Scott Jurek

Seven-time Western States 100 winner Scott Jurek offers some key long-distance racing tips.

Scott Jurek knows a thing or two about running and winning at long distances. The ultrarunning author, speaker and consultant ran his first ultra, a 50-miler, in 1994. Not only did he like it, he was good at it, finishing in second place.

Between 1999-2005 Jurek won the Western States 100 Endurance Run an unprecedented seven times in a row. He’s also won the Hardrock 100, Copper Canyon Ultramarathon, the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon two times and is a three-time winner at both the Miwok 100K in California and the Spartathalon, a 246K race in Greece, among others.

The 40-year-old credits his long-running, long-distance success to training, planning and mental focus.

Whether your long run is 10, 26.2 or 100+ miles, Jurek has run the distance and learned valuable lessons along the way. Here are his five tips to keep you going mile after mile no matter what distance you’re tackling.

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