New Runner: Why You Should Keep A Running Log

This story is part of an ongoing series aimed at new runners.

Progress is best measured when you can see it in front of your eyes. While some runners might prefer to mentally take note of workouts or meals and their outcomes, others function best by keeping a physical log of their training progress. Workouts, meals, emotions, goals and races—all of it can be kept in one spiraled diary. For someone brand new to the sport, it is recommended to invest in (or make) your own running log.

The journal can serve as documentation—and a source of accountability—of your efforts. While a coach or mentor is also beneficial for keeping you on schedule (discussed in the next installment), a personal training journal that can travel with you to every race and be by your side at all times is sometimes more helpful than once-a-week meeting with a run bud or phone calls with a coach. Check out some top reasons why writing it down is encouraged.

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