Seven Ways To Improve Speed Without Increasing Mileage

4. Run Hills

Adding hill running to your training is a great way to get more fitness bang for your workout buck. A hilly five-mile run will challenge you more and stimulate greater fitness gains than a flat run of the same distance. Specifically, running uphill develops aerobic capacity and leg strength, while running downhill improves leg “stiffness” and running economy.

There are various ways to incorporate hills into your training. You can do your weekend long run on a hilly route, run a set of intervals uphill or downhill (e.g. 6 x 2 minutes uphill @ 5K effort), or do a few 10-second uphill sprints after completing an easy run for a quick power-building stimulus.

Naturally, you don’t want to hit the hills every day, but be sure that not a week goes by without your doing some hill running.

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