Train Slower, Race Faster

Solution #2: Hiring A Coach

Piggybacking off the last point, a good coach can make adherence to the 80/10/10 rule a no-brainer. Your coach determines the proper training zones for you, creates a sensible training plan for your exclusive use, and makes sure that you execute each workout correctly.

Except that most coaches aren’t actually present with their runners through every workout to ensure proper execution, so there’s a high level of personal accountability and self discipline involved when working with a coach, particularly if the relationship is mainly virtual. Keep in mind the coach-athlete relationship is like any relationship: it might work, it might not. If you don’t have good chemistry with the coaches in your immediate area, you’re out of luck.

Like anything, heart rate training or hiring a coach probably isn’t for everyone, but I believe that the right type of guidance can help greater numbers of runners heed the 80/10/10 rule and reap the rewards of slowing down. In the meantime, what’s most important is simply to recognize that you probably are running too hard, too often and choose the best solution for you.

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