Alternative Treatments For Running Injuries

Myofascial Manipulation

Look for: A licensed practitioner (requirements vary by state, so look for someone with significant training, Glundal says — and it doesn’t hurt if they’re a runner).

The scoop: By focusing on myofascia, the supportive and connective tissue that protects muscles, this manual soft-tissue treatment addresses “knots,” or painful restrictions in mobility. Inflamed injuries, biomechanical inefficiencies and other factors influence a runner’s range of motion. This deep-tissue treatment, which includes Graston Technique (pictured), Stecco Fascia Manipulation, and Active Release Technique (ART), involves either passive or active participation by the patient, and often specific instruments.

The science: Studies demonstrate that manual fascial manipulation releases “knots,” and with massage, can alleviate pain.

Best for treating: Soft-tissue injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, runner’s knee and shin splints.

Look for: Licensed and certified practitioners who also practice chiropractic, physical therapy, or another structural treatment; sport-specific expertise; Graston, Stecco or ART practitioners.

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