Cross-Training 101: Avoiding Overtraining When Injured

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Just how should you go about creating a cross-training program that works?

“I have tried two different approaches to cross-training programs while injured. My advice is different for different injuries,” explains Yoder Begley. “If it will be a short recovery time for the injury, the training program will be more intense. A long injury recovery time will have a more relaxed approach.”

This is sound reasoning, as with a shorter hiatus it’s possible to be a bit more aggressive, but trying to maintain that same level of exertion can be depleting over a longer period of time. Also, with an injury that takes longer to heal, by the time you do get back to running your cardiovascular fitness may be ahead of your legs. “My heart and lungs were strong and ready but the legs couldn’t keep up,” said Yoder Begley. “I pushed past what my leg muscles and joints could handle and ended up with another injury.”

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