Monday Motivation: Grow Your #MarathonBeard

Growing beards isn’t just for ultrarunners—marathoners can get a little hairy too. 

First there were #ultrabeards and now there’s the #MarathonBeard. Last week, avid runner and blogger Jason Saltmarsh wrote in an article on the Huffington Post that as an extra challenge and/or incentive to run a fall marathon, runners should incorporate growing out a #MarathonBeard as part of their training. The rules are fairly simple:

1. Register for a fall marathon.

2. Stop shaving.

3. post pictures to the social media channel of your choice with the hashtag #marathonbeard.

Why? Because “The #MarathonBeard is a testament to the long months spent training for an epic race,” Saltmarsh writes in the article.

And because any opportunity to post a beard selfie on social media is a must.

Above is Saltmarsh’s first #MarathonBeard post via Twitter (@SaltyRuns) as he trains for his fall marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon on Nov. 2. He has a solid growth of chin hair going in just his first week.

There’s just one hitch in Saltmarsh’s plan: women can’t or may not want to participate. However, his solution is that their man grows a beard in support of their training. Fair enough. If you’re a bolder woman, not shaving the legs is a possibility as well.

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