Trail Running Survival Guide

Sensible tips for off-road safety.

No matter where you run, common sense and preparation go a long way towards having a safe and successful outing.

Road runners must be vigilant about motorists, extendable leashes and street curbs, while treadmill runners contend with striding in close proximity to sweaty and malodorous gym mates. For those who venture out on trails, critters, weather and terrain all come into play. However, according to my unofficial and unsubstantiated movie-based studies, when zombies or aliens attack, those lounging in recliners are always the first to go. Which means running is far less dangerous than not running.

Whether you run on the road or the trail, it’s important to be alert and aware of your surroundings, and also let someone else know your route and expected finish time. For those adventure seekers, communers with nature and denizens of the path less traveled, taking a few additional preparatory steps will lay the groundwork for an enjoyable run, whether it takes you from a paved city pathway to high elevation pass.

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