Gear Of The Week: ZZYXXZ Custom Reflective Apparel

About a quarter of the runners entered in the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon this year wore custom reflective tech T-shirts made by ZZYXXZ, including Ed Ettinghausen of Murrieta, Calif. Photo: Allison Pattillo

ZZYXXZ apparel can help you create just about any custom reflective design you can dream up.

If you want your team to be seen in a bright way at your next after-dark group run, race or relay event, create your very own custom, uber-reflective, technical shirts. With up to 30 square inches of reflectivity per shirt and a base price of $35 per piece (with a 10-shirt minimum) being seen doesn’t have to empty your wallet.

While visibility is critical, it isn’t always fun, something that ZZYXXZ wanted to change. To keep runners safe, ZZYXXZ combines bold graphics and designs with the latest reflective technology from 3M (in this case, minuscule glass beads covered with a metallic reflective layer on half of its surface) for apparel that can be seen more than 200 meters away down the road. The reflective elements can be designed into just about anything you can dream up: a logo, lettering, an icon or a caricature.

In addition to being highly visible, ZZYXXZ shirts are breathable and durable, very soft and non-chafing. The brand also offers a full line of non-custom, reflective apparel.

But what kind of name is ZZYXXZ? “A lot of people see the name and immediately know they have seen the name somewhere before,” says Jill DeVey, co-founder and CEO of the Torrance, Calif.-based brand. “The name ZZYXXZ was based off of the name of the frontage road, Zzyzx, located off Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert.  You see the exit for this Zzyzx Road as you travel east and west on Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and Southern California. We modified the spelling to be phonetically correct so that it is spelled the way it sounds.” (There is also a 2006 film starting Tom Sizemore and Katherine Heigel named “Zyzzyx Road.”)

Price: $35 (10 shirt minimum for custom orders)

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