Video: On The Road With Rickey Gates

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As the business of trail running and racing grows, the film “On the Road” is a reminder of the uncomplicated joy inherent in spending time on the trail. Director and cinematographer Dean Leslie accompanied trail runner Rickey Gates, 32, on a free-spirited, six-day trail running and motorcycle-riding journey from Colorado to California.

“For me, what makes this film is that Rickey is so intriguing and authentic—he is the epitome of the soulful pursuit, whether he is traveling or trail running, and that pursuit speaks to the core of so many trail runners,” Leslie says.

Instead of trying to provide analytical and tidy “whys” into the life of a free spirit, Leslie simply and stunningly conveys Gates’ exuberance in doing what he loves. He also hopes the film’s big-sky vistas will inspire others to get out and explore wild spaces. Sounds like a good reason for a run!

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