5 Exercises To Do Before Every Run

Help your body stay injury-free with these simple moves that take only a few minutes.

Have you ever been injured, enviously watching the date for a race you trained months for pass you by?

Have you ever experienced the frustration that comes with hitting a plateau and not being able to get faster?

What if I told you in less than five minutes a day, you could become a stronger, faster and less injury-prone runner?

Unfortunately, many runners complete their runs without using the strongest running muscle in their bodies—the glutes.

Your glutes play a significant role in your running stride. They power your body forward, help you maintain proper torso alignment, and bear running loads. Glutes become weak or inhibited for a variety of reasons, including sitting all day. When your glute muscles (maximus, medius, minimus) are weak or inhibited, other muscles (quads, calves, hamstrings, etc.) are forced to carry loads they are not meant to carry, reducing running efficiency and increasing injury susceptibility.

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But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Perform the following five exercises as part of your warmup to ensure your glutes are powering each step.

Note: Tighten your abdominal muscles by drawing your belly button toward your spine while performing each exercise.


About The Author:

Lisa Hamilton is a 1:16 half marathoner, 2:43 marathoner, coach and the heart and soul behind The Conscious Runner.

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