Confidence-Building Workouts From The Pros

Which workout lets Tera Moody run with confidence on race day? FInd out on the next page! Photo:

Four top runners share the sessions that let them know they’re ready to race. 

Every runner has those key workouts from which they draw the most confidence; the ones that solidify in their minds that they are ready to execute on race day. These workouts not only provide important physical benefits, but perhaps even bigger mental ones. In the moments just prior to a race when we wonder, “Am I ready?” or  “Am I going to be able to do this?” we can look back at our training and answer confidently, “Yes!”

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Confidence is key, but it’s a fickle beast. When you have one of ‘those’ workouts under your belt, however, they seem to quiet that voice of doubt. Here are some go-to workouts of choice from four top pros, who battle the same nerves as everyone else on the starting line.

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