Confidence-Building Workouts From The Pros

Renee Metivier Baille. Photo:

3) Renee Metivier Baillie’s 10 x 500m

  • The Workout: “10x500m with 45 second rest at (Boulder, CO) altitude.” The resulting splits, when added together, were adept at translating to a 5k race time down at sea-level.
  • The Confidence: Before moving up to the marathon distance, Baillie credits this as the workout she relied on to best gauge her 5k fitness as living at altitude could sometimes make it tricky to extrapolate sea-level race times.
  • The Results: Used since college, she earned an NCAA Indoor 3k Championship Medal and stakes claim to a the 15:15.78 PR in the 5k. Most recently she ran a 2:27 at the 2012 Chicago Marathon.
  • Why it Works: “That workout was certainly a confidence booster,” explains Baillie. Interestingly though, upon switching to the marathon, “it now seems so short compared to my marathon workouts! That being said, I believe specificity is the key in any workout to build confidence that you are ready to race.”

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