Confidence-Building Workouts From The Pros

Sara Vaughn. Photo:

4) Sara Vaughn’s 3 x 800m

  • The Workout: “The workout I like to do before a big race is 3x800m with 3 minutes rest starting at race pace and finishing a bit faster. If I can hit that workout, I know I’m ready to race.”
  • The Confidence: “The feeling of this workout is very much like a race. I like going out on pace and feeling somewhat controlled and comfortable the first 800m, not hectic. The middle one is tough and takes some focus to get through. The last 800m, you can really test your finishing kick.”
  • The Results: “I ran this workout the week before the Trials, where I had two great rounds, making it to the final, and where I really had to use that kick when I was tired.”
  • Why it Works: “I know for sure this workout is a physical and psychological boost. It’s always hard, and there’s always a section where I think I can’t do it. Breaking through that wall in a workout builds a ton of confidence. It also helps for perspective…I do each of the intervals at a pace that is faster than what my PR for 800m used to be. It reminds me that I’ve come a long way!”

About The Author:

Caitlin Chock set the then National High School 5k Record (15:52.88) in 2004. Still an avid runner, she works as a freelance writer and artist.

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