Improve Your Running By Becoming A Better Athlete

Run stronger by working on your strength, explosiveness and flexibility. Photo: John Segesta

It’s worth your time as a runner to work on improving your overall athleticism. 

The chiseled core of a swimmer. The explosive power of a basketball player. The supple flexibility of a gymnast. The nimble agility of a lacrosse player. While running is typically thought of as a solely linear motion, runners can really do themselves a lot of good when they shift focus from only moving forward in a straight line to working on improving their overall athleticism.

“Running is mostly thought of as a cardiovascular sport but it’s the muscles that do the work and the brain that ultimately controls everything,” explains coach Steve Magness, who most recently worked alongside Alberto Salazar at the Nike Oregon Project. “By becoming more athletic you gain multiple benefits. First, you become more injury-resistant because your body learns how to move in multiple planes of direction instead of simply knowing how to run in a straight line.  Secondly, your nervous system is really challenged so that it adapts and creates a more efficient connection from the brain to the muscle.”

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