Training: 3 Ways To Stay Sharp Year Round

Always Move In A Definite Direction In Your Training

Described another way, the first step in successful seasonal training is to train for high-level fitness maintenance at all times expect when you are taking a short break after a race, taking an offseason break, or peaking for an upcoming race. This does not mean you should do exactly the same workouts week after week and intentionally go nowhere with your fitness during maintenance periods, however. Your training should always have some kind of direction, even when you are not actively pursuing an immediate fitness peak.

So what sort of direction should your training have during maintenance periods? Focus on addressing a weakness or working on one or more foundational aspects of your running fitness that will necessarily take a back seat during peak training. Specific things to work on include running technique, raw endurance, sprint speed, and muscle strength, power and balance. The idea is to develop one or two of these qualities during maintenance periods without pushing against the overall limits of the training load your body can handle. With this approach, your body will be truly ready for peak training when its time comes.

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