Catches Of The Day: Delicious And Healthy Seafood Choices


Nutrition Windfall
Perhaps the expression “holy mackerel” comes from the bonanza of protein, vitamin B12, selenium and heart-chummy omega-3 fats present in this blissfully lowbrow swimmer. A three-ounce serving of mackerel contains a whopping 4,300 milligrams of omega-3’s. More great news: Mackerel is one of the few foods that supplies a generous amount of Vitamin D. Scientists believe Vitamin D can reduce the risk of a myriad of maladies including heart disease, cognitive decline and certain cancers. By helping improve calcium absorption, this wonder vitamin can also reduce stress fracture risk.

Green Pick
Most ocean environmental groups give mackerel their stamp of approval, as the fishery is well-managed with healthy stocks due to fast-breading tendencies.

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Eat This
Fresh mackerel is often sold whole, so kindly ask your fishmonger if he will clean it for you if fish entrails freak you out. To cook it, simply stuff the cavity with any seasonings that please you such as sea salt, thyme and sliced lemon and grill or pan-fry for 10 to 12 minutes, flipping once halfway. Smoked mackerel is wonderful on hearty whole-grain crackers or in place of deli meats in sandwiches.

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