Fuel Of The Week: Savory Bars

These bars are high in protein and great for runners.

You don’t need a sweet tooth to enjoy these bars.

When it comes to recommending a specific fuel for runners, Christopher Mohr, a Ph.D. and registered dietician in Louisville, Ky., suggests the new Strong & Kind bars, with “10 grams of satiating protein and a few grams of fiber,” he says. “I particularly love the Roasted Jalapeño, with a bit of kick to it. These savory flavored bars are great for the on-the-go athlete.”

We’ve been testing the five flavors in the office and the Honey Smoked BBQ has been a favorite. The addicting flavors have been compared to meat (though they are animal-free), which has been appealing for people who don’t like sugary bars laden with fruit and chocolate. Kind is known as a brand with “ingredients you can see and pronounce,” and its new Strong & Kind bars are designed to satisfy those looking for a bold, spicy snack. Other flavors are Hickory Smoked, Roasted Jalapeño, Honey Mustard and Thai Sweet Chili.

Price: $37.50 for 24 bars

Info: kindsnacks.com

Another savory bar that’s made waves in the office recently is Epic. These bars actually include meat and thus have satisfied the Paleo diets of some co-workers. Made from grass-fed meat, this is a special tasting jerky and high in protein. Four flavors include Beef Habanero + Cherry, Bison Bacon + Cranberry, Turkey Almond + Cranberry, and Lamb Currant + Mint.

Price: $34 for a 12-pack

Info: epicbar.com

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