Siri Lindley: If Music Works For You, Then Use It

Siri Lindley is an advocate of running with music if it works for her athletes. Photo:

There are many different thoughts on using music while training.

Some would say, “You don’t use it in a race, so don’t get used to use it in training.”

In my opinion, however, I feel that if music gives you a lift, gets that little bit more out of you and will then lead to even more benefit from the session, then use it!

What we want is to arrive at race day having accomplished as much as possible in our training. If my athletes can run a half mph faster for an interval with fast music pumping in their ears, then they will benefit from that.

So I am a huge proponent of music while training. It adds to the enjoyment and it brings out the best in the athletes that like to use it.

So put on the headphones, download your favorite fast tracks and push yourself to all new limits!

It’s great!

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