Siri Lindley: Stay Healthy By Cross-Training

Swimming is a great way to recover from running, writes Siri Lindley. Photo:

I believe that cross-training is a very important thing to include in any runner’s training plan.

It allows for proper recovery and aids in restoring the body after hard training blocks. I have my runners do things like swimming, yoga and the elliptical or water running.

Swimming is an awesome way to flush out the legs after a hard or long run. It helps the body loosen up and flush out the lactic acid from hard training. I really believe that swimming helps keep my athletes injury-free.

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and also to gain flexibility, which can only help your running. Of course, it’s a way to prevent injury as well.

Water running and the elliptical are great alternatives to running if the athlete has a slight niggle. If something hurts a little or feels tight, do not run through it. Two days of water running or elliptical workouts go a long way in healing your source of discomfort—without sacrificing fitness.

It’s always best to be safe rather than sorry. So use cross-training to stay healthy, keep it fun and help your body recovered from the hard training you are doing!!

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