Gear of the Week: The North Face Stormy Trail Jacket

Stay dry and cool during bad weather with this innovative jacket.

The slim-fitting Stormy Trail jacket does away with the dilemma of choosing to get soaked or be clammy on wet weather runs. Not only is it waterproof and breathable with a dry-touch interior, it has an internal venting system. Open the front vents, which double as pockets, and pull the pocket cinch cords to engage the interior, rear baffle panel. This subtle mechanical shift, combined with forward motion from running, causes air to come in through the front flaps and pass up and out the back of the jacket, taking sweat and moist air with it. Easy, on-the-go temperature regulation means there is no need to stop and stow a jacket in variable weather. Merely open or close the vents and keep on moving.

Available for both men and women, the Stormy Trail also has a cinch hem and 360 degrees of reflectivity.

Price: $165

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