Down and Dirty: UTMB By The Numbers

A glimpse of Chamonix, France, on Thursday, and some of the mountains about 7,500 runners are tackling in five races this week. Photo: Brian Metzler

This year’s events will include 7,500 athletes from 77 countries.

This year marks the 12th running of The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. What started as one epic 104-mile race has evolved into a multi-race, international celebration of trail running with races passing through 19 towns in Italy, Switzerland and France. Think of it as the equivalent of the Super Bowl and World Series rolled into one for Lycra-clad, dirt loving runners.

For 2014, a new race has been added to the race-week roster, the OCC a 52K with about 10,000 feet of climbing. Race week also includes the UTMB, a 168K (104 miles) race with almost 30,000 feet of climbing, the CCC, a 100K (62 miles) with more than 18,000 feet of climbing, the 119K TDS (74 miles) with roughly 22,000 feet of climbing and the PTL, a 300K team relay event with more than 80,000 feet of vertical!

Events will see 7,500 athletes from 77 countries. By comparison, Colorado’s Leadville Trail 100 Run, one of the larger trail events in the U.S., had around 750 competitors just two weeks ago. The popularity of European-style racing is also catching on with U.S. runners and this year 191 people traveled across the pond for the experience.

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Here’s a look at some other UTMB-centric numbers—keep in mind these are all the more noteworthy because the races take place on high-alpine trails making volunteer accessibility and aid station stocking a challenging endeavor.

All told, UTMB races require:

— 2,000 volunteers

— 11,000 course markers

— 38 aid stations

— 990 pounds of salami

— 6,600 pounds of cheese

— 10,250 quarts of soup

— 1580 liters of soda

— 5,200 cans of beer

— 23,000 granola bars

— 9,000 bananas

And more cowbell than you can imagine!

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