3 Things Every Runner Should Do

Got five minutes a day? Try these methods to gain strength and improve your running form.

The challenge: In 24 hours, balance work, family, friends, and running. For the mortal runner, where real life and training life must co-exist, there can be an odd Clark Kent sensation. Cramming everything into the day is no small feat — even Superman would struggle.

Still, incorporating strength, flexibility, and injury-preventative work for five minutes a day delivers results. Those are crucial to improving your running efficiency and performance. Don’t think progress only comes with 90-minute intervals; it’s far more productive taking a little time each day. Consistency is more important.

Becki Pierotti, 3:02-marathoner, runs 90-105 miles per week, is taking 28 college credits, and just got her Lower Extremity A.R.T Certification between semesters. How does she do it?

“I wish I could claim that I have time to take care of all the little details, but a lot of times, I have to pick and choose what parts of training are most important and prioritize them,” Pierotti said.

Pierotti knows how important adjustments and therapy treatments are, so she makes them a priority. Taking advantage of the student clinic at the New York Chiropractic College, she gets Nimmo, Graston, and A.R.T. work every week. She also multi-tasks: “I have been known to do soft tissue work on myself while I’m studying.”

Here’s how it works: you’ve got three different routines, each targeting various aspects to running health and performance. Commit to at least one every day and alternate which one you do. With consistency, the results will speak for themselves.

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