5 Common Marathon Training Mistakes

Panicking After A Bad Workout

You are going to have a really bad workout in marathon training. In fact, you’re probably going to have a few. Unfortunately, even when you know this, a bad workout is still damaging to the psyche. You start to question your fitness. Are you working too hard? Not hard enough? Will you be ready for race day?

The result of this over thinking is that you panic, which usually results on you doing something stupid, like trying to make up the workout the next day or running extra hard during your next session to “make up” for the bad day.

However, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It almost always results in overtraining, injury and will have detrimental, compounding effect on all your upcoming workouts.

What To Do
Don’t panic, and remember that having a bad workout is a normal part of marathon training. The best approach is to examine why you had a bad day and try to fix that problem before your next session. Did you not fuel well? Not get enough sleep?

Make sure you address these more important factors to ensure more consistent workouts over the long-term. Moreover, look for lessons in the negatives. Did you run too hard on your easy days? Was your pacing off? Learn from these lessons and make your next workout count.

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