The 4 Best Strength Training Exercises For Runners

Squats target many running-specific muscles. Photo:

Bodyweight Squats

Stand with your feet hip distance apart with your toes facing forward. Sit back like you are sitting in a chair behind you without allowing your knees to drift beyond your toes. Sit back until you feel your glutes, quads and hamstrings engage (about a 90 degree angle in your knees) and come back up to standing. Complete eight to 12 repetitions, adding weight when this becomes easy.

“If I had to pick just one strength training exercise for runners it would be body-weight squats,” explained Atlanta-based running coach Carl Leivers. “Squats hit a lot of running-specific muscles, don’t require any equipment, and can easily be added to your post-run routine.  Pair that with some lunges and I guarantee 90 percent of runners will be sore the next day!”

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