Monday Motivation: What Moves You?

Be moved to hit the trail, road or track by watching this inspiring movie trailer about runners. 

A new running documentary titled “What Moves You?” (currently in production) digs deep and explores exactly what motivates us to run—from the everyday runner to the talented elite. However, more than just a look at why we run, the independent film also aims to discover what connects us all as runners despite socioeconomic, cultural, religious and physical differences. Why do we rise before the sun to put in our miles of the day? Why “suffer” for 26.2 miles, 50 miles or 100 miles? Why run at all?

In order to further answer these questions, the film’s producers have started a Kickstarter to help fund its completion, including fun prizes to reward their faithful backers. Their goal is to reach $100,000 by Sept. 10, which will help pay for gear, travel, post-production costs and more.

Along with breathtaking aerial race footage, the film delves into the lives of five unique individuals to understand their basic, yet complex and very personal urges to run. Currently the film’s producers are seeking a fifth runner to interview. To share your story and be a part of the project, visit the What Moves You website.

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