Morganne Hockett: My Go-To Song List For Running

Morganne Hockett has a go-to list of four songs for her iPod. Photo: Morganne Hockett

My feet hitting the pavement; the sound of a fellow runner saying “hello;” leaves crunching; the warmth of a breeze blowing in the air. These are some of my favorite things about running. It is just you and the open road. All you need to run is a good pair of shoes and space. It is my time to think, to be with nature and to appreciate the things around me.

Sometimes, however, I just need a little extra motivation. That is when I turn to music. If I am feeling like I need a little “pick me up,” then I will turn my music on shuffle and go. I am constantly writing down songs that I hear to add to my list of running music. The songs have to be high energy, and sometimes the lyrics just speak to me. I typically find these playing over the speakers at the gym, attending a cycling class, or just on the radio. I try to keep up it updated so that I always have it ready and in my back pocket for that extra push. I also enjoy listening to podcasts if I just need a distraction. I enjoy listening to motivational podcasts, such as The Jillian Michaels Show, Athlete On Fire or Runner Academy.

Before each race, I create a playlist of upbeat songs that pump me up for the day. This often changes depending what new songs are out, but I always include the same four songs as the first ones and last ones to listen to. My dad actually started this tradition to get us pumped up for our first early morning start time. While driving over to the race, we turn up the volume, sing and get excited for the day. Starting a race with a positive mindset is the best way to go!

The four must-have songs on my playlist include:

Ready To Run: Dixie Chicks
Born To Run: Bruce Springsteen
Running On The Beach: Danny Morgan
Don’t Stop Believin’: Journey

Once I hear these songs play, I instantly feel a wave of excitement through my bones and I am more than ready for that start line! So don’t stop believing in yourself, you were born to run and you are more than ready to run!

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