The Everyman: Reasons To Run — In The Fall

In a few short months, many of us will be dressed like this when we head out for a run. Photo:

The season’s third season is just about here.

With summer unofficially over now that Labor Day is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking about reaching for a long-sleeved running shirt instead of your go-to short-sleeved tee when you’re kitting up for a run.

That said, here are a few reasons why I’m happy the year’s third season is just about here.

Dress Warmly

My summer running wardrobe is thin, but I’ve got enough long-sleeved options to keep me dressed for more than a few days’ worth of running. Soon I’ll be able to break them out without losing 10 pounds of sweat in the summer heat.

Shorter Days Mean Earlier Runs

When we turn the clocks back and the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, getting in a post-work run usually isn’t the smartest or safest option. This gives me the motivation to run either first thing in the morning or around midday.

Feel The Burn

On those mornings when the temperature is stuck in the high 30s, we’re all familiar with the lung-burning feeling that comes when we exert ourselves in cold air. Is it better than pounding out 10 miles in searing heat and nasty humidity? I would say yes.

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Turkey Trots

Turkey trots have a way of bringing everyone, whether or not they are actual runners, to the streets for a run. And although dodging strollers, dogs and walkers can be a challenge, seeing so many folks out running is a great thing. Now if only race organizers would have stroller-only lanes …

Less-Crowded Trails

This goes against the previous item in this list, but it is nice to enjoy a people-free run on your local trail once in a while. We’re all familiar with the challenge of trying to complete a tempo run on a packed summer day.

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