Winter Running Advice From the Coldest Places in America

What does it take to get a dedicated runner to stay inside on a blustery winter day?

Well, we found a few runners in some of the coldest places in the United States. And the answer is not clear, because brutal sideways wind, slippery streets coated in ice and temperatures way, way below zero are not enough to keep them indoors. Frozen beards and eyelashes won’t do it. The lack of daylight doesn’t matter, either—the runs must go on. Heck, there are even running camps in places like Wisconsin that celebrate the conditions.

Clearly, hibernation is not an option.

Our conversations with runners in states like Alaska, Minnesota and Montana revealed the spirit of dedicated runners, and how habit often trumps outside factors. Most shrugged at their ability to withstand brutal weather. All had a few funny stories to tell, followed by great wisdom for those looking to find comfort in what could otherwise be uncomfortable winter running.

Here are their stories—and their advice:

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