Photos: Tokyo Airport’s New Indoor Track for Traveling Runners

Finally, an airport that actually encourages you to run to catch your flight. 

Tokyo’s Narita International Airport recently opened a new Terminal 3 and the minimalist design is the traveling runner’s dream. Instead of moving walkways found in most airports, the space incorporates blue and red running tracks to encourage a natural flow of movement throughout the terminal.

“The budget for constructing this terminal was approximately half of the usual amount. To cut costs, we opted not to install the typical moving walkways or illuminated signs. Instead, to offer an exciting walking experience that is easy on the feet, we implemented running tracks used for track and field, and added signage for user-friendly guidance,” noted in a press release on the terminal’s website.

The terminal was built specifically for low-cost carriers and designed by a Japanese creative lab group called PARTY. Its entire design ethos is to attract economically savvy travelers. Although, with the 2020 Olympics to be hosted in Tokyo, this airport will also attract athletes and elite runners from around the world who’ll appreciate a quick warm-up after a long flight.

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Photos by Kenta Hasegawa, courtesy of PARTY


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