An Introduction to Sandbag Training for Runners

Learn how a bag of sand can improve your strength, explosive power and stability for faster running.

As functional fitness continues to grow in popularity, runners have more options when it comes to resistance training. Suspension training straps, bags of sand and kettlebells are becoming a common sight alongside traditional pieces of equipment seen at your local gym. Not only are these tools excellent for providing variety to your training program, they are effective at developing strength and explosive power, both key to an injury free and successful racing season.

Enter Sandbag Training

Sandbags have been used to build strength and joint stability in wrestlers, fighters and other athletes for quite some time. Essentially a bag of sand with strategically placed handles and grips (depending on what brand you have), sandbag lifting can provide a unique training stimulus compared to traditional barbell lifting. Not only are sandbags versatile, they are more dynamic as the contents inside the bag can shift thus forcing you to react and create joint stability with each repetition. Sandbag training can also build strength, explosive qualities and core stability.

On the following pages are two sandbag workouts you can add in to your running routine. Feel free to add the workouts to your easy running days or on the same day as your running workouts – just ensure to separate the workouts by 6-7 hours if you can.

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