Fuel Buzz: Watermelon in a Bottle

We are a fan of drinks that offer great flavor and a tiny list of ingredients. So we were intrigued to come across WTRMLN WTR, essentially cold-pressed watermelon juice in a bottle.

The ingredients? Watermelon flesh, watermelon rind and organic lemons.

We could see this catching on as a healthier alternative to sports drinks. Our editors unanimously liked the flavor of this juice—not only casually, but as a thirst-quencher after a tough workout. It basically tastes like liquid watermelon, and the fruit has long been known as a summer hit for hydration and taste.

In addition, there are plenty of electrolytes crammed into one 8-ounce serving—including a whopping 740mg of potassium, an electrolyte we tend to sweat out.

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WTRMLN WTR is gluten-free and vegan, and as drenched as watermelon flesh normally is (more than 90 percent water), there was no need for WTRMLN WTR to add any more water to the drink. There’s no added sugar, either.

The one setback? Price. MSRP is $3.99 a bottle, which is high compared to other drinks but common among cold-pressed juices. That will understandably be a deal-breaker for some, but at the very least, this is worth a try as a drink for your next workout.

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