Running Tech Buzz: Sensoria Fitness Bundle

Photo: Scott Draper

Sensoria’s wearable device measures technique where the body meets the road—under the foot. Pressure sensors woven into socks link to a Bluetooth device magnetically attached to the ankle that sends all sorts of novel stride data to Sensoria’s robust workout tracking app. In addition to the typical run-tracking features, Sensoria displays cadence, time between strides and footfall location—heel vs. forefoot vs. mid-foot. However, here’s the caveat: There isn’t yet a clear set of guidelines for a “correct” running stride. Sensoria won’t provide the secret to perfect technique, but it will help you better understand your form and fatigue.


What it does

Pressure sensors built into the bottom of the socks read essential stride factors, such as ground contact time.

How it’s better

Measuring gait underfoot is superior to recording this data elsewhere on the body.

Why you need it

Better understand technique and fatigue by measuring changes to running form.

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