A Statistical Breakdown of the 2015 Chicago Marathon

The 2015 Chicago Marathon continued to live up to its reputation as one of the most popular races in the world along several dimensions: a flat and fast course, more than a million cheering spectators, and thousands of top-notch volunteers. The entire city seemed to embrace the event again this year.

Here are some fast facts about the 2015 Marathon, which you may have already seen in media reports:

  • 45,000 entrants are selected to run through a lottery, which had more than 70,000 applicants.
  • A total of 37,182 runners finished the race (20,144 men, 17,038 women)
  • Dickson Chumba won a slow men’s race in 2:09:25, while Florence Kiplagat won the women’s race in 2:23:33.

But let’s look deeper. The following 13 charts, compiled by Raymond Britt, takes a closer look at the results and answers a number of question. What was the average finish time overall? How are the finishers divided up by age group? How did average finish times compare to last year? How much slower is the second half of the race compared to the first?

Enjoy the trip through the analysis. For more of Britt’s in-depth histrocial analysis of Chicago, visit RaceChicago.org.


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