Quick Look: Garmin Forerunner 630

Photo: Adam Elder

Garmin’s new 630 is the same size as the 620 but is said to have 60 percent more battery life and 44 percent more viewable screen area. It’s also lighter and thinner than its competitors. This is an all-day watch connected to your phone with well-executed smart notifications, music control, and sleep and activity tracking. The buttons/touchscreen combination works well even with wet, shaky fingers. Run physiology now includes a lactate threshold (LT) test, a stress score app and predicted race times (eerily accurate with minimal data). Run Dynamics from the heart rate strap’s sensors now includes stride length and ground contact left-right balance.


Customizable and Expandable

Garmin’s IQ Connect includes downloadable watch faces, data fields, finish estimators, apps for sports such as cycling, weather and other widgets.

Run Dynamics

We were most intrigued by the clear differences in right-left ground contact balance and contact time between shoe models.

So Many Options, So Much Data

The 630 is friendly. However, having the ability to configure workout data fields via the app would be more helpful—along with reliable wireless synching.

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