NYC Marathon Drawing Accepts More Runners in 2016

Photo: Brian Metzler

A higher percentage of runners attempting to enter the New York City Marathon this year are going to get good news.

The New York Road Runners said that 19,083 runners will be accepted through today’s non-guaranteed drawing—an increase of 4,757 from a year ago. In all, 23 percent of non-guaranteed applicants will be accepted. There were 82,172 non-guaranteed applicants in all.

The drawing takes place today and those selected will be notified via email.

The NYRR says the increase in non-guaranteed drawing entries is the result of a smaller number of guaranteed entry applications received, as well as the end of the marathon resolution entry process for the 2012 race which was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.

About 50,000 runners are expected to participate in the 2016 New York City Marathon, which takes place on Nov. 6.

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