Video: Rickey Gates and Anna Frost Run the Mystical Japanese Alps

Salomon Running TV’s latest episode follows elite trail runners Rickey Gates and Anna Frost as they travel to the Japanese Alps to explore the mystical relationship between its people and the mountains. A good example of that relationship is through the religious practice of Shugendo related to esoteric Shingon Buddhism (and borrowing some concepts from the ancient Japanese religion Shinto). Shugendo focuses on “spiritual awakening” and strengthening the “power of the mind” through the examination of our relationship with the natural world, specifically the mountains, which have been seen as dwelling places of the gods for centuries in Japanese culture. This 5-minute video clip aims to connect the awe, beauty and peace experienced in mountain running with the concept of Shugendo. Literally translated, Shugendo means “the path of training and testing”—a meaning that many runners regardless of discipline can relate to.

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