Running Gear That Stops The Stink Before It Starts

When it comes to running clothes, we expect a lot of them—comfort, performance, moisture-wicking capabilities and they definitely shouldn’t stink. But, due to the petri dish mix of sweat, heat, bacteria and soap or oil buildup on a fabric, that’s a constant battle. Whether your running togs have their own unique odor or smell fine until you add heat and sweat, the stench is real.

Clothing manufacturers have your back, though, and have been incorporating new types of odor-control technology into apparel. From treating fabrics with forms of silver or making garments from naturally anti-microbial fibers, like wool and bamboo, the future smells fresh. But, you still need to properly wash and care for your clothing for it to work. If you insist on wearing the same shirt several days a week or leaving it balled up in your gym bag between uses, chances are it will still smell a bit ripe. The technology is very good, but it’s not magic! (Tip: Check hang tags as you shop to know if the gear you’re considering will stop the stink.) Click through the gallery below to see some of the best anti-stink products available now and in the coming months.

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