World Premiere Tickets for “BOSTON” Marathon Documentary to Go On Sale

After the release of a teaser trailer almost a year ago, the first feature-length documentary film about the Boston Marathon is finally coming to theaters. “BOSTON,” produced by LA Roma Films and directed by Jon Dunham, the award-winning filmmaker of the “Spirit of the Marathon” films, will tell the rich story of the Boston Marathon from its beginning in 1897 to present day. The film will chronicle the growth, change, triumph and tragedy of the iconic race, demonstrating how it has both reflected and catalyzed social change.

The world premiere will take place on One Boston Day, April 15, two days before the 121st running of the Boston Marathon, at the Boch Center Wang Theater. Tickets for the general public go on sale on Feb. 4, and can be purchased here for an exclusive first viewing of the film. A portion of every ticket sold will go toward supporting the creation of a new Boston park, named in honor of Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. For more information on the park or to donate, go to their CrowdRise page.

If you’re unable to attend the world premiere, “BOSTON” will be released in cinemas across North America on April 19.

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