What Would Americans Rather Do Than Run a Marathon?

As a dedicated runner, sometimes it’s hard to believe everyone isn’t as passionate about the sport as you. But, sadly, they aren’t. Hundreds of thousands of people run marathons every year, which means that millions of Americans don’t. The folks at EllipticalReviews.com thought it would be fun to take a lighthearted look at the lengths some people would go to avoid running a marathon. Fair warning: Some people really have NO interest in running 26.2 miles! Do these excuses sound like anyone you know?

Out of 2,000 anonymous respondents in the EllipticalReviews.com survey, 53 percent identified as male, and 47 percent identified as female. The ages ranged from 18 to 77, with an average age of 34 years old.

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Would you rather run a marathon or …

Choices, choices, choices and more choices—sometimes life can feel like an endless game of “would you rather.” And that’s exactly what the people at EllipticalReviews.com asked 2,000 people. It seems that 42 percent of respondents would rather shave their head than run a marathon.

Would you rather run a marathon or

Food over fitness

If forced to make a choice between your favorite food groups (assuming pizza and beer count as food groups) and running, 35 percent of respondents would rather have a slice of their favorite pizza pie than six-pack abs.

food over fitness

Breaking Bod

This was meant to be tongue in cheek—always say “no” to self harm (hill repeats don’t count)—yet 21 percent of those asked said they would break their thumb if it meant getting fit without working out.

breaking bod

Men versus Women

Men and women agree, 26 percent would rather forgo seeing family for six months than running a marathon. Even more women, 38 percent would give up sex for six months if it didn’t mean lacing up for that long run. Men weren’t quite as eager on this front, with only 20 percent thinking it was a reasonable idea.

Men versus women

Run for your money

How many times have you heard, “You couldn’t pay me to do that?” As it turns out everyone has their price, and they are rather high. Respondents in Arizona, Massachusetts and South Carolina said it would take more than $200,000 for them to run a marathon. That will pay for a lot of entry fees!

run for your money

See the full report here.

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