2017 Running Gear Guide: Road Shoes

Street Smart

With all of the changes in running shoes in the past few years, it’s hard to imagine how shoe designers will keep improving models and coming up with new ones year after year. But new materials, designs and construction techniques have kept innovation flowing and that means lighter, more flexible, more stable, better-fitting, more comfortable and ultimately faster models of shoes for you. The prescriptive limitations of neutral, stability and motion control categories are mostly gone; instead, runners can choose how much they want to feel the ground or if they want to float over it. The 19 shoes highlighted in this overview offer a wide range of options for every type of runner. Check them out here and head to your local running store to try them on and see which ones work best for you.

Note: Shoe weights are listed for men’s size 9.0 and women’s size 7.0.

Special thanks to our Spring 2016 wear-test team: Casey Blaine, David Benjes, Denise Benjes, Jim Conaghan, Alan Culpepper, Adam Elder, Mark Eller, Allison Glass, Adam Heaney, Gretchen Hein, Steve Hughes, Stephanie Jackman, Terri Kazajian, Amanda McCracken, Brian Metzler and Caitlyn Pilkington


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