2017 Running Gear Guide: Trail Shoes

Off-Road Adventure

From burly and protective to flexible and fast, this season’s trail shoes run the gamut. The key is finding a shoe that works on the type of off-road surfaces you run on most often. We tested the latest trail footwear on all types of terrain and home in on the best kicks for whatever type of runner you are—and whatever type of trails you run—to help you find the perfect mate.

Note: Shoe weights are listed for men’s size 9.0 and women’s size 7.0.

Special thanks to our Spring wear-test team: Amy Allison, Casey Blaine, David Benjes, Denise Benjes, Jim Conaghan, Wendy Drake, Mark Eller, Jennifer Fawcett, Allison Glass, Adam Heaney, Gretchen Hein, Steve Hughes, Stephanie Jackman, Terri Kazajian, Todd Kube, Jorge Rufat-Latre, Brian Metzler, Chris Smith, Jason Smith and Michelle Stoll


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