This Act Of Kindness During A Half Marathon Is Going Viral

Bryan Crnkovic and Joseph McGinty didn’t think it was a big deal when they helped a fellow runner finish at the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon this weekend. However their act of kindness is now going viral.

Crnkovic and McGinty, both from Pennsylvania, saw a woman struggling to make it to the finish line towards the end of the race. The men, along with another runner in blue, attempted to help her along until McGinty picked up the woman. He ran with her in his arms until right before the finish line, where they helped her to cross on her own.

The men told Fox 29 in Philadelphia that they never expected to get so much attention. “It’s just what we do. You see someone that needs help, and you just want to help.” The runners were nearing the finish line just under the 2-hour mark and wanted to help the woman reach her goal. “She trained hard,” they explained. “Why shouldn’t she hit it?”

The video, posed by Fox 29, quickly gained millions of views, prompting others to share their praise of the runners involved and their own inspiring stories. “This is why I run,” noted Facebook user Stephanie Kathleen. “This community is some of the best people I have met. It’s so inspiring. From the woman who will do anything to finish to the men who sacrificed their times for her. Incredible.”

Watch the video below and read more about the story here.

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