This Paralyzed Athlete Is Out To Prove He Can Compete Again

In December of 2005, Adam Gorlitsky’s life changed forever. As he was driving home after spending the evening with family, the then 19-year-old fell asleep at the wheel for a few seconds. That short time was just long enough to crash his vehicle. His injuries were severe, causing paralyzation from below his belly button.

Gorlitsky’s life changed again in 2015—this time for the better. He was given a chance to use a ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton, a new technology that allowed him to stand and walk. Once an accomplished athlete, he found a new challenge: walking one million steps within races as a “re-enabled” athlete. His ambitious goal led to the creation of the I Got Legs Foundation.

Gorlistky’s first race was the 2016 Cooper River Bridge Run in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. He completed the 6.2-mile race in over seven hours. This year he beat that time, finishing in 6 hours and 33 seconds.

Gorlistky wants fellow re-enabled athletes to join him in road races to raise awareness about the exoskeleton and other walking device technology available to the disabled community. He teamed up with director Warren Adcock and producer Trevor Potts to create a documentary about his journey. I Got Legs: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Exoskeleton follows the launch of the I Got Legs Foundation and explores Gorlistky’s fight for the right to walk. The filmmakers have launched a Kickstarter, with hopes of raising enough money to complete the film by Spring 2018.

To find out more about Gorlistky’s story, watch the video below.

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