This Runner Went From Beginner To Boston Qualifier In 10 Weeks

Michelle Khare is not a rookie when it comes to extreme sports. The Buzzfeed video producer and social media star has tried riding motocross, training like a Cirque Du Soleil performer, and performing extreme pogo, just to name a few. However, her biggest challenge began when coworkers asked her to run the Los Angeles Marathon on just 10 weeks of training.

Khare, who had never run over three miles, teamed up with running coach and personal trainer Erik Steffens. She documented every aspect of her training cycle—the workouts, the gear, the tune-up races, and every emotion. In the process, Khare found that the greatest motivation was running for herself. And she even qualified for the 2018 Boston Marathon with a finishing time of 3:30:09.

So did Khare go from running rookie to running fanatic? Her extremely relatable video (with almost 2 million views already) will remind runners of every feeling that occurs while training for a goal race. Warning—you may have tears in your eyes at the end. And you may be tempted to sign up for a marathon.

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