Nuun Has Launched A Drink Formula For Longer Runs

Nuun has launched Performance, a new drink powder for extended workouts. Unlike nuun tablets, which offer hydration during shorter runs, Performance is for use during activities longer than 90 minutes or intense workouts.

Nuun claims the mix of electrolytes, carbs and fluid found in Performance is absorbed better than water. It also does not stay in your GI system, eliminating the stomach distress that other drinks can cause. Performance should take care of fueling and hydration needs for some runners during long runs, big workouts, and race day.

“We challenged ourselves to do what no other sports drink has done. The nuun team wanted to create a product that delivered superior performance without compromising the pure sources that ultimately hydrate you,” said Kevin Rutherford, nuun President and CEO.

All ingredients are certified non-GMO and as close to their natural state as possible. Even the flavoring comes from dried fruit powder, instead of artificial ingredients. Available in two flavors—Blueberry/Strawberry and Orange/Mango—the taste is supposed to be closer to fruit-infused water, since taste buds become more sensitive over the course of exercise. Most importantly, the product is certified as Informed Choice—Safe for Sport, meaning there are no banned substances.

Performance is available at in a single serving packet for $1.99 or a 16 oz. pack for $19.99.

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