These New Running Shoes Are Created From Light And Oxygen

Photos: Courtesy of adidas

Footwear created from light and oxygen sounds like science fiction. But that is exactly how adidas crafted the midsole of their brand new shoe.

Futurecraft 4D are the first high performance running footwear created through a process called Digital Light Synthesis. Adidas partnered with CARBON, a technology company that develops products through hardware, software and molecular science, to pioneer an entirely new manufacturing technique. According to a statement from adidas, the process uses “digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resin” to form the midsole of the Futurecraft 4D shoe.

The process helps adidas towards their goal of providing “bespoke footwear tailored to individual physiological data and customer desires.”

“Despite the influence of technology to improve almost every other aspect of our lives, for eons the manufacturing process has followed the same four steps that make up the product development cycle—design, prototype, tool, produce, said Dr. Joseph DeSimone, Carbon Co-Founder and CEO. “Carbon has changed that; we’ve broken the cycle and are making it possible to go directly from design to production.”

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Adidas took 17 years worth of data from real runners to create Futurecraft 4D. The shoe aims to address movement, cushioning, stability and comfort with one single component. The goal is to make “the ultimate running shoe for all.”

Futurecraft 4D will be released this month, but on an extremely limited scale; only 300 pairs will be available to friends and family of the brand. Adidas hopes to deliver 5,000 pairs to retail for Fall/Winter 2017 and 100,000 pairs by the end of 2018. No pricing information has been shared.

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