Esther Atkins Adds Miles to Queens 10K with Runs To and From Airport

Photo: Courtesy of NYRR

Photo: Courtesy of NYRRPhoto: Courtesy of NYRR

Catching a cab in New York on a weekend (or weekday) can be a hassle. So in the spirit of the NYRR Queens 10K race on Saturday, third-place finisher Esther Atkins decided to forgo traditional transportation for her whirlwind trip and use the mode that best suits her.

Her legs, obviously.

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport Friday afternoon, Atkins jogged from the airport to her Airbnb (about 1.25 miles) and then race morning on Saturday she checked out and ran from her lodging to the start of the Queens 10K—about 1.5 miles.

A screenshot of Esther Atkins’ 1.5-mile run from her Airbnb to the start of the NYRR Queens 10K race. 

The race started at 7:45 a.m. and her flight left at 10:29 a.m. She crunched the numbers and knew she could accomplish everything on foot.

She posted a 35:33 to finish behind Belaynesh Fikadu (34:13, Bronx, N.Y.) and Roberta Groner (34:19, Philadelphia). Then she collected her bag from “someone trustworthy” and jogged to LaGuardia, arriving at 8:41 a.m.

The NYRR Queens 10K course. 

“I knew that with a 7:45 a.m. start I would finish around 8:20—and I did—and that the run (to the airport) would be less than three miles,” Atkins said in an email. “… I was within the property of LaGuardia by 8:41, hoped on the shuttle, went into (the terminal) and got changed and washed my face in the nearest bathroom.”

However, Atkins has some unexpected extra time. She was through security at 9:20 a.m. only to find that her flight was delayed.

Atkins’ run from the Queens 10K finish line to the LaGuardia Airport.

“I have come to see all of my trips to New York City as a fun puzzle,” she says. “But this was definitely the riskiest, yet most efficient NYC trip puzzle ever.”

With a quick flight check, next time she might be able to add on a few extra miles.

You can see the full race results from the Queens 10K here. 

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